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SHYCOCAN is a revolutionary virulence prevention and containment device that attenuates 99.9% of coronavirus in the air surfaces, within closed indoor spaces. It provide real time protection against infection from coronavirus and has been notified by US FDA under Enforcement Discretion Policy.

It is a plug and play device, that delivers the necessary signals to a photon mediated electrons emitters (PMEE), that produces hypercharge high velocity electrons that interacts with the negative seeking S-protein of the Corona family of viruses, thus reducing infectivity and prevents air and surface borne transmission of corona family of viruses.


    • If returned, get replaced or refund within 15-20 days
    • If return, return within 30 days
    • Refund through Bank A/C / Dr.Card / Cr.Card & not by cash or cheque
    • Once placed, order cannot be cancelled
    • If returnable, it is subject to manufacturing defect
    • Delivery within 30 days
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